5 Reasons Why You Should Write

5 Reasons Why You Should Write

5 Reasons Why You Should Write

5 Reasons Why You Should Write – There are things that sometimes can’t be conveyed
by words, so sometimes it makes someone feel depressed. This is the reason why you should write.

There are things that sometimes can’t be conveyed by words, so sometimes it makes someone feel depressed. This situation is undoubtedly the reason why I wrote this article (5 Reasons Why You Should Write).

Basically, everyone can write; it’s just that maybe some of us are reluctant to hone our skills, which is why this activity is limited to academic fulfillment. If you are one of these groups of people, then do not rush to approve.

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Why is that? So far, there are still few people who have realized that writing can change life and way of thinking. This article’s 5 reasons why you should write will definitely make you tickled to write!


During trouble times, ordinary people tend to apply the mindset from one perspective, so
that it gives the impression of a knockback. Moreover, if the source of the problem is caused by disputes between the two parties, surely each other tends to throw errors.

However, people who like to write indirectly, are required to write a series of words
in order to find common ground in the description of the sentence. The pattern of reading sentences over and over again can certainly help someone think globally. Therefore, if a problem is being supported, then it is better to express feelings of sadness, annoyance, or anger in writing, reading, and understanding. Thus the heart will slowly calm down and be aware of what must be done well.

The ability to think globally is also very useful when you are in an audience, both in terms
of friendship and work. Someone who can think things thoroughly is, in fact, preferred by the leader and those around him. You may ask, Why is that? Because your system of thinking reflects a form of selflessness.


Have you ever read a book written by RA Kartini about a life journey that tells about the occupation of women? If you have, then this is one form of perpetuation.

One writer said, ‘Writing for Eternity.’ Even though it is simple, the meaning of the 3 words that are lined up is very deep. Just imagine if writing was never known, maybe until now, we would be left with ignorance.

But what if we have not been able to write things that are useful for others like RA Kartini? The answer is to start writing for yourself. Like for example, when there is something that you think is impressive, write it down. Do not be afraid of being wrong because the essence of writing
is not to find the truth but as a form of conservation.


Writing is one of the activities that can increase creativity, so the brain will continue to actively work. Especially if done continuously, undoubtedly from young to old later memories of what was written will continue to stick.

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Whatever is written is hard to forget. The memory in the brain is always awake because a series of things written that have been born from the feast of the mind will continue to dance and flourish. For example, when you write a story about someone special, then if you already feel bored quickly reopen the article and immediately remember how much struggle and how beautiful those memories are to you.

It turns out that a strong memory can also keep skin young. Why is it like that? Yes, because someone does not need to think hard to remember something. The reason is senile (1) often attacks the performance of the brains of people who are rarely sharpened.


If you are a writer who wants his writings to continue to be in demand by many people as
time passes, then the important thing to do is to hone your creativity. The easy way is to read lots of other people’s writings.

Have you ever heard of the jargon of the writer’s community that says, “Successful writers are those who are good at stealing other writers’ words?” However, this does not mean that copy-paste culture is allowed, but rather to learn and collect various vocabulary words.

Make sure your writing is always up to date, so it is not swallowed up by time. Expand by sharing and reading famous books, both literary and academic. Feel the benefits in one month, then slowly, your writing skills will increase by itself.


Did you know that writing can actually nourish the soul? These arguments are not just made randomly but rather sparked by psychologists. Healing patients who are no longer sane using the writing method was originally applied in the world of mental health medical therapy in one of the psychiatric hospitals.

If you are still in doubt, then there is no harm in trying to start writing about whatever feelings you are currently having. Moreover, when the heart feels upset and angry, rather than busy looking for others to vent your anger on, it’s good to save your shame by writing it down. Just write whatever words you want.

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Once satisfied write and then breathe in, slowly, quietly, and imagine how beautiful the world is without revenge, then read your writing. Think slowly about what would happen if harsh words or descriptions of painful sentences were hurled at others. Surely it would cause disputes, would it not? Therefore, be cultured to write under any circumstances.


That’s all about the 5 reasons why you should write, hopefully, after reading it, your interest in the world of writing will burn even more. Don’t forget to keep on practicing so that later your writing can bring fortune and blessing. Enjoy the words!

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